Frequently asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions

On-boarding FAQ’s

How do I set-up an account via the App or on-line?

First you will have to register via the App or the Online Portal. We will then send you a link asking you to download ID-PAL and provide us with your ID and Proof of Address for verification. Once you have been approved you will receive a confirmation that your account is active and available to use.

What is ID-PAL?

We use ID-PAL to verify your Proof of Identity and Proof of Address. These documents are checked against the Government database and are stored by Sonali Bank (UK) Ltd fully compliant with GDPR.

ID-PAL is not accepting my driver’s licence/passport

There could be 2 reasons for this, either the ID-PAL link has expired due to security reasons or there is an issue with the link you have received. Please get in touch and ask for a new ID-PAL link. If you wish you can send us your documents via email, post or even present them to us over the counter.

ID-PAL is not accepting my picture

Ensure the picture you are taking is within the guidelines showing on screen.

I cannot click on the ID-PAL link that has come to my email

We can re-send the link to your email or send it to you via text message if you prefer.

Can I register with my Bangladeshi Passport without residence permit card?

No, for remittances you must provide a residence permit card if you have a Bangladeshi Passport.

Can I use with my driving licence for my Proof of ID and Proof of Address?

No, a driving license can only be used either as a proof of ID or Proof of Address but not as both.

What documents do you accept for Proof of Address?

We accept Bank Statements, Utility Bills, Council Tax Bills, Pension Letter and HMRC Letters. These must be dated within the last 3 months.

I can’t upload my Proof of Address

Use the ‘Contact Us’ option to in the menu instead to upload your Proof of Address

Why does it take until opening hours for my application to be approved?

Your application needs to be reviewed by a member of staff at Sonali Bank (UK) Ltd. Currently the customer department is only open Mon – Friday 10.30am – 4.30pm.

Personal Account FAQ’s

How do I see my account details?

Select ‘My Account’ on your App or on the Online Portal.

How do I see my transaction history?

Select ‘My Transactions’ on the App or the Online Portal. You can find this on the Home Screen or in the Menu on the top left of your screen.

How do I see my remaining limit?

You can find your remaining limit under the Remittance Dashboard on your Home Screen.

How do I add a beneficiary?

Select ‘New Beneficiary’ from the Home Screen and fill in the details of your beneficiary.

When adding my beneficiary I am unable to locate the branch for ‘x’ bank

Type the name of the bank and then select ‘Show All Results for…’ and scroll to find the required branch. You could also try searching for the branch name instead.

How can I set up a beneficiary for ready cash?

Select ‘New Beneficiary’ fill in the details and make sure to include the beneficiary’s’ mobile number and select ‘Next’. Then choose the beneficiary’s chosen Sonali Bank Branch and select ‘Beneficiary is a ReadyCash Customer’. 

This will create that beneficiary as a ReadyCash customer.

Why does it take until opening hours for a beneficiary to be approved?

The beneficiary details must be checked by a member of staff of Sonali Bank (UK) Ltd.

Why is my limit only £4,000?

This is the initial limit we provide to all our customers at registration.

How can I increase my limit?

Send a request by selecting the ‘Increase Payment Limit’ button on the Home screen of the Remittance Portal. Then under your logged case, in the ‘Write a Comment’ section please attach your Proof of Income. This could be a recent payslip or a bank statement. Please note that you may be requested to provide more details to carry out the necessary checks.

My account details are wrong

You can amend your details by selecting ‘My Account’ and clicking on the edit (pencil).

Transacting FAQ’s

How do I make a payment?

Select ‘Make Payment’

Can I use my credit card?

Yes, you may choose to pay with your Credit Card

Will there be a charge for using a credit card?

There may be a cash advance fee.

What rate am I getting and how do I see it?

Before you add in your payment card details, you will be shown the Exchange Rate that will be applied to your transaction. You can see the rate on the home page of the Remittance App/Portal or on

If I send GBP today to your account late and it clears the next day, can I fix at today’s rate?

The rates will fix when Sonali Bank (UK) Ltd receives notice of funds in its bank account.

What commission am I being charged?

You will see this when you select ‘Make Payment’ and follow the payment instructions, or use the calculator on

What is your commission structure?

£2.00 for up to £200; 1.5% will be charged for remittances up to £3,000; and a £45.00 flat rate for remittances over £3,000.

What is the maximum I can send?

The max you can send over the App and Portal is £3999. But this will also depend on your limit, you can check your remaining limit in the dashboard on the home screen of your Remittance App/Portal.

Why is the card limit £4,000?

This limit is set by our card payment provider.

How do I send more than £4,000?

Select ‘Contact Us’, upload your Source of Funds (Bank Statements of last 3 months) and inform us of how much you would like to transact. We will then contact you to arrange for a secured wire transfer.

If I send more than £4,000 to your account is it safe?

Yes, Sonali Bank (UK) Ltd is the only Bangladesh Bank that is FCA and PRA regulated.

How long will my GBP payment take to clear?

This will clear almost immediately.

Why does my Taka amount quoted have 1 Taka extra added?

Every transaction is converted from GBP to BDT, to ensure that the customer does not lose out we always round up to the nearest Taka.

When will my TAKA payment be released?

This will be released almost immediately within the hours of 9:30am to 5:00pm.

How do I receive the 2% incentive? when I make a remittance?

This will be added automatically to remittances of up to the value of 500,000 BDT. For more information click here.

If I send a large amount above £4,000, do I still receive the incentive?

If this remittance Taka amount is valued at 5 lakh and over, you will need to submit documents to Bangladesh so your beneficiary can claim the incentive. For more information click  here.

Does my beneficiary need to show any documents to claim the 2% incentive

As long as the Taka is below 5 Lakh, the incentive will be added automatically. If the value of your remittance is over 500,000 BDT, documents will need to be submitted to the Beneficiary’s Bank. For more information click  here.

How long will it take for the cash incentive to be added to my beneficiaries’ account?

This will be added instantly as soon as they receive their remittance.

What ID documents does my beneficiary need to show to collect cash from a Sonali Bank Branch in Bangladesh?

They will need to take the Voter ID along with the ReadyCash Pin we provide you.

Do you have a ReadyCash/ Pin service to other Banks in Bangladesh?

No, only from Sonali Bank Limited, Bangladesh. There are able to choose from the 1213 SBL Branches in Bangladesh.

Can I cancel the transaction and recall the funds?

Unfortunately, this is not possible, our system is now automated in order to process the transactions quickly.

I have been charged twice/multiple times

Please get in touch and provide us with your account details (Full Name & Customer ID) and your bank statement as evidence, in order for us to investigate further.

A transaction hasn’t been processed properly and is showing as ‘HOLD’

Please get in touch and provide us with your account details (Full Name & Customer ID) in order for us to investigate further.

The beneficiary claims non-receipt

Please get in touch and provide us the Payment Number, for us to investigate further.

Why does my email confirmation show a PIN Number, when I have not selected Ready Cash?

The PIN number is generated for all remittance transactions. If you have remitted to an account please ignore the PIN number.

The transaction details are wrong on my confirmation e-mail

Please get in touch with your query and the Payment Number.

When making a payment how do I select the beneficiary?

First you must have added the Beneficiary, by selecting ‘New Beneficiary’ from the home screen of the App/Portal.

When making a payment, start typing the first few letters of the name and then select the Beneficiary from the drop down list.

Compliance FAQ’s

I am not getting rate advertised on your TV’s/App/On-line

We update our rates numerous times a day to provide you with the most competitive rates. There may be a few seconds delay during the sync of the rates on the App/Portal, On-line and TV. What you see on your App/Portal is the most recent Exchange Rate.

How do I complain? What are the steps?

Click  here for the complaint process.