We would like to remind  our customers that following  the  closure  of  SBUK’s  Retail Accounts  in  December 2017,  all ‘Unclaimed Balances’  have now been transferred to a Trust  Account where they will be held on your behalf by an independent Trustees appointed for that purpose.

If you have held an account with the Bank that has not been closed and you wish to claim payment of amounts owed to you, the appropriate course will be to make a request for payment in writing to the trustees using the contact details below rather than the Bank.

When you contact the trustees in this way, you will be required to prove your identity in the same way as if you were withdrawing the funds from the Bank.

The trustees are Richard Long and Nigel Heath Sinclair of Richard Long & Co, whose contact details are as follows:

Richard Long and Nigel Heath Sinclair
Richard Long & Co
Castlegate House
36 Castle Street
SG14 1HH
Telephone number: 01992 503372